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Pati Pavlik was a leader in the field of micro-pigmentation since 1979, as well as a mentor to thousands of technicians. She was a well-known international speaker, having traveled to every corner of the globe to share her expertise, knowledge and experience. Pati was also an educator and worldwide supplier for the industry.

Pati was a traditional tattoo artist when she was introduced to the field of permanent cosmetics in 1980. She was a master of the coil machine, but was known to have the ability to pick up any machine and create a fabulous procedure. Pati was the owner and operator of Permanent Eyes Inc., the nation's oldest establishment specializing in micro-pigmentation. Ms. Pavlik was known for her field research and development of Cleo Colors, and her down to earth approach to education.

Unfortunately for the industry, Pati passed away in 2012. Prior to her passing Pati asked me take over her beloved Cleo Colors, named after her adored mother, Cleo. After working with Pati for the past thirteen years I felt confident that I could keep her dream alive, and I have.

Lastly, let me leave you with my thoughts on running Cleo Colors:

1. Although I could charge a lot more for our pigments I, and Pati in the past, have chosen not to do that. I learned early on from Pati that she was not in this industry solely to make money. She wanted a good, safe and reliable product out there. Sure she wanted to pay her bills, but not at the expense of her reputation. I too believe in this work ethic. I do not believe in building up my business at the expense of others. I will charge only what is necessary. Donít be fooled, you do not need to pay more to get a better product.
2. I stand behind my product 100%. I use only the most reliable and safe powders available here in the US. Every pigment that I sell is batch tested and labeled with an appropriate lot # for quality control purposes. I will never purchase components from overseas. Sure, I can purchase them for less, but at what expense to your clients? There are a lot of overnight pigments manufacturers popping up out there. Even if you do not purchase from Cleo, please, please, please be sure to purchase from a reputable manufacturer who has been in the industry for at least 8 yrs.
3. I will never build Cleo Colors up by badmouthing the competition. I have heard and seen a lot in these last thirteen years: my eyes have really been opened up to what is out there, but I do not believe you run a successful business by engaging in that sort of behavior.
4. I will be there to support you 100%. If you have a problem with anything regarding Cleo Colors do not hesitate to call me. Together we can figure it out.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Michele Dorner

Owner Cleo Products

Company Address

Cleo Colors is located at the following address:

Cleo Colors
18274 Old Ranch Road
Tehachapi, California 93561
United States

Company Contact Information

Cleo Colors can be contacted via telephone at (661) 822-1508

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