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Do you sell and ship Internationally to customers outside of the United States?

Yes we do sell and ship to customers outside the United States but shipping will be determined on your location and size of package. For this reason we will contact you with actual shipping costs before we process your credit card orders. If you are placing an order and live outside the United States you can choose the "Credit Card - if Outside of USA" payment selection during checkout to process your order. Once we receive your order we will contact you with the TBD shipping cost.

Is it Safe to Mix Pigments from Different Manufacturers?

Technicians ask this question periodically and my answer is always a resounding, “No”. Each pigment manufacturer crafts their individual line in a variety of ways, depending on what works best with their particular ingredients. Although most manufacturers use Iron Oxide powders, some do not. While many use alcohol and glycerin for hydration purposes, others prefer to not use glycerin, and still others use Witch Hazel. Powders are another ingredient that differs greatly among manufacturers. Some manufacturers use inexpensive powders that contain fillers, while others use powders that are imported from out of the country. Some manufacturers cook their pigments while others simply blend their ingredients together.
By mixing pigment lines you are in essence creating a ‘science experiment’ at the expense of your client’s well being. When you inter-mix lines, you are invalidating any lot and batch information from the individual manufacturers. If a problem arises with your procedure there is no way to know for sure where the problem stems from. You are unable to trace the origin of your pigment mixture, and thus are unable to know for sure how to help your client.
Be safe...Just Say ‘No’ to mixing pigment lines.

Is it inevitable that my black pigment will eventually turn blue?

Sorry ladies, it is the nature of the beast! Technicians always asks for a black that can be guaranteed not turn blue. What they do not seem to understand is that the undertone of all black is blue! Sad but true! This is not only true with India ink; it is also true of Iron Dioxide. It is not only how the color black relates to skin, it is also true of any other type of surface or medium. Think what happens to black hair dye, over time. What about those black jeans you washed 100 times? Blue undertones! With the exposure to ultra violet light, and other types of abuse, all colors fade. What can YOU do to prolong the inevitable, when working with black? #1: Get your pigment a little deeper into the dermis, which will help your color last a little longer and slow the process of bluing. #2: Insist that your client use sunscreen daily. Stress the importance of protection from the KILLER, UV Ray. #3: Keep any product, meant to exfoliate skin, even moisturizer or night cream, away from your brows, liner or lips! My feelings about " blue black"? So what! 20% of my income is a result of reworking old cosmetic procedures. If it fades in five or ten years, we as technicians have a ready made clientele.

Why does my color look like that in the bottle?

A technician called the other day to say that her "True Taupe" was green! "That's funny", I said. There is nothing green in the bottle! After making a test swatch on her hand, of the color, she realized it was not the color that the bottle had indicated. This is true with all permanent make up colors. Some plastics stain with one or more ingredients. Some plastics have a built in opalescence that will pull to the cool side when viewing a full bottle. Clear glass would give you a more accurate color from outside the bottle but the less glass in your work area, the better. It is a good practice to test, with a smudge, any new color before using. Suppliers encourage your understanding of the formulation of their product. Packaging can fool you. The truth is, a plastic bottle is only a container. As long as it has a full and complete label, as to the content, packaging has little to do with the outcome of your procedure.

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